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Assisted Living Considerations - Choosing a Home

When selecting a residence for yourself or a loved one, there are many things to consider.

Physical Facilities

  • Is the home fully licensed and in compliance with life safety codes?
  • Do the suites have individual heating and cooling units?
  • Are the furnishings and fixtures attractive and in working order?
  • Does the floor plan accommodate residents on walkers or in wheelchairs as well as those who don’t need assistance in walking?
  • Are the dining facilities comfortable and inviting?
  • Is there plenty of space to entertain and visit with friends and family?
  • Are there exits and entrances convenient to all rooms?
  • Is the facility located in a safe, quiet neighborhood that’s convenient to doctors, shopping and entertainment

Ownership and Management

  • Are the owners local people you can meet in person?
  • Does the manager have a personal interest in the happiness and welfare of the residents?
  • Are the manager and staff experienced in working with people who need assistance?
  • Is the staff fully licensed and properly trained?
  • What is the attitude of the staff when unexpected visitors arrive?

Resident Care

  • Are current residents happy with their care and eager to have you join their family?
  • Is the food tasty and nutritious? Is there a good variety of home-cooked meals or does the cook just serve “cardboard” food?
  • Do the manager and staff seem eager to get acquainted with new residents and make them feel at home as quickly as possible?
  • Is resident privacy respected in good balance with a caring, watchful sense of responsibility for the resident’s well being?

Costs to Resident

  • Do the rates include all costs, or are there hidden expenses that will surprise you and your family?
  • Have you compared the cost of home ownership or renting with those of assisted living? Be sure to include rent, mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities, cleaning and maintenance, yard work and other expenses in your calculations.



  • Does the facility offer more than just bingo and birthday cake? How about outings to interesting places or fun parties? 
  • When you visit do you hear happy sounds of laughter and conversation or a depressing silence without pleasant social interaction?
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