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When is it Time to Move?

You’ll know it’s right when activities of daily living have become difficult or when you simply don’t want the full responsibilities you’ve had in the past. Here’s a simple checklist that will help you reach your decision

  • Are you still enjoying yard work and home maintenance?
  • Do you still maintain a nutritional diet?
  • Are you remembering to take your medications as prescribed by your physician?
  • Is it difficult for you to shop, attend church, visit friends or otherwise get out and about on your own?
  • Are you at risk for falling without anyone to help you in an emergency?
  • Are you lonely and isolated?
  • Do you wish someone would be available 24/7 just to be sure you’re all right?
  • Do your adult children constantly worry about you?

Each resident is evaluated when considering a move to Hudson House to be sure they’ll thrive and enjoy living at Hudson House. Periodic evaluations thereafter ensure that all of our residents fit comfortably into the group. In accordance with our licensing standards, all must be able to move on their own from a bed to a wheelchair (if one is necessary), must have bladder and bowel control, and a prescribed level of cognitive function so they are not a safety risk to themselves or others. 


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